Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Tips for House Purchasers Who Work from Home

There are all kinds of factors to consider when looking for a new home, from the number of
bedrooms to the size of the garden and how noisy the neighbours are. If your home is also
your place of work, you have extra issues to think about – and in many cases, the need to
gain space to accommodate a growing business is a driver for a move.

Home office

1. You’ll most likely need space for a computer station and somewhere for files and
stationery, whether you have a sales or manufacturing business or one that operates
purely online. The amount of space you need depends on the nature of your
business, and if you only need minimal facilities for admin tasks, you can create a
home office in a compact space.

2. If you have the budget for it, a separate room for your office is preferable, as you can
work in peace even when there are other people at home. It’s also nice to able to
close the door on your home business workstation so that you can separate work
time from leisure time.

Home storage

1. If you sell goods, you’ll need storage space to keep your stock. If you sell small items
such as beads or plectrums, you’ll only need a modest amount of space to store a
large amount of stock. However, if you sell larger items, you’ll either need some kind
of garden building or a storeroom in your home, which could add significantly to your
house price. Alternatively, you could look at off-site storage, or use a drop-ship
business model so that you don’t have to keep stock at all.

2. Wherever you store your products, it needs to be secure from theft, and the space
needs to be dry and safe from pests and vermin. You also need to be able to arrange
everything so that it’s easy to find and do stock takes.

Home manufacturing

1. If you sell goods you make yourself, you’ll need a workroom and possibly room and
safe facilities for special equipment. For instance, if you make china bowls, you’ll
need a potter’s wheel and a kiln.

2. You’ll also need to think about expansion, and if you have plans to expand, you’ll
need to have an idea of how long you can continue in the initial space. You may be
better off exploring the option of moving your business out of your home and renting
separate premises that give you more scope for expansion.

Moving home is also a good time to review your business processes to ensure you’re
working in the most productive way possible. Your operations may have changed little from
how you worked when the business first started, so take the opportunity to see whether you
could streamline, outsource, or improve processes as part of your move. For example, if you
use a hosted ecommerce platform, consider the benefits of comparing, e.g. Big Commerce
vs Shopify Plus enterprise ecommerce services and see which offers the best package for
your business.

If you work from home, you’ll have some specific requirements that need to be fulfilled, so
when you’re planning what you need from your new home, make sure you take these into


Monday, January 14, 2019

Attracting Buyers Through A Great Impression

Picture by Outsite Co

The appearance and functionality of your home could mean the difference between whether it will sell in good time or spend months on the market hoping for a new owner. To prepare your home to make the best impression on your visitors through pictures and in person here’s what you can do;
Hire Expert Cleaners
The pictures taken of your home is what will initially market your property to prospective buyers and could be the difference between whether they think your home is attractive and worth viewing or whether the appearance leaves much to be desired. Cleanliness first and foremost means getting rid of a build-up of pet scents, smoke, cooking smells, stains, dirt and debris that may currently bask in your home, on the walls, on your upholstery and on your belongings. This is why you should hire experts to provide you with a professional clean. Companies such as Chem-Dry Premium, will take care of stubborn stains in your carpets, sofas and so on, by using natural products that are kind to the indoor air of your home and health of your family. You can also hire a one-off cleaner to provide a deep clean of your home to take care of areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. With some care in terms of cleaning, your home gives the impression that it has been cared for and it’s sanitary.

Less Is More
A good declutter is not only beneficial when helping you move to your home, as it enables you to only take what you need, it also has significant advantages when trying to sell your home. As people, we are naturally superficial when viewing houses. Furthermore, we search for ways of how we could see ourselves fit into an environment and whether we could imagine ourselves living somewhere. Elements of your home that won't help this are things such as rubbish, drawers teaming with stuff, an excessive amount of collectors ornaments, books, newspapers and so on. Which is why it’s essential to conquer your clutter, as it allows prospective buyers to view the home in its purest form without your stuff clogging up the viewer's eyesight.
Fix Up

Picture by rawpixel

The impression you create of your home should extend to its upkeep and maintenance by ensuring the house hasn't been neglected. For instance, squeaky doors, detached cabinet doors, loose curtain pole fittings, or messy silicone around the bathtub tells a potential buyer there’s quite a bit in your home that needs fixing. Understandably with how busy people are, a house that looks like hard work to move into will not appeal to those hoping to move into a home that requires no repairs. So if the porch light is on its way out, or the boiler isn’t working, it would be in your interests to fix these issues first before booking any viewings. In doing so, you can demonstrate that the house is functional and ready to move into.
Keep It Neutral
Following a deep clean of your residence, minimizing junk and clutter to the tip and charity shops, fixing up and patching any repairs, you may wish to consider a spot of paint to revive your home and improve its attractiveness on pictures and in person. This might be appropriate where your existing decor is worn, scuffed, dull or even outdated. Or perhaps you have an obscure niche interior design taste that may not be everyone's cup of tea. For this reason, choosing to neutralize your decor will create a blank slate for viewers to envision clearly how they can make their own mark upon a place. Further to this, it will instantly improve the appearance of your home, as neutral colours tend to reflect light making a place seem larger, brighter and airy, all of which attractive qualities when people are shopping for a new home.

In order to make the best impression taking the time and effort to incorporate the points above could help your property appeal to a larger pool of people and help it to sell. For instance, presenting a house that’s clean in appearance will make people feel comfortable in their surroundings and minimal belongings on show will help people to see past any junk and focus on the room space and potential. Plus, a house that requires little work in the way of repairs and maintenance is an attractive property for those who lead busy lives and would rather not have the worry of fixing things in the home, and providing a neutral decor will enable viewers the luxury of applying their own stamp on the property.

By fixing your home up to appeal to a broader market, you are not limiting your audience to those only interested in renovating, you open up the bidding to families, professional couples and so on.


Saturday, January 12, 2019

4 Ways to Minimise the Stress of Selling Your Home

It’s easy to get carried away with the idea of all the good things that selling your home will bring. There’ll be that hopefully enviable profit margin, the exciting move to a new property, and so on. But of course, before you get to enjoy those things, you need to go through the process of actually selling your home. And for sure, this is rarely as straightforward as you hoped it would be. There are, however, things you can do that’ll minimise the stress, as we’ll see below. Take these nuggets of advice, and while there’ll still be moments when the stress-levels start to rise, you’ll likely find that those moments are less frequent.


Be Patient

You might be in a rush to sell your home, but seldom good comes from trying to force through something that isn’t yet ready to happen. As with all things that are out of your control (you do need a buyer), it’s good practice to showcase the art of patience. There will always be things that you wish would arrive faster, or be less complicated, but if they’re out of your control, then the only thing you’re affecting by getting annoyed at them are your stress levels.

Work With the Pros

It’s recommended that you work with others for any big job. And, make no mistake, selling a home is a big job, even at the best of times. You’ll be well served by working alongside industry experts that you can trust, and who don’t treat you just as a number. They should know what they’re doing. If you work with a company like Jess Adams atrealty, you’ll have access to the latest and best property marketing techniques, and also have peace of mind that the people you need for help are only a phone call away when you need them. Who you work with can make or break your property selling experience, so make sure you’re working with the best!

Declutter Now

If you’re dead set on moving home, then you can begin the process even before you’ve put the house on the market. Many people wait until the house is sold before they begin decluttering, and soon realise that they’ve got a much bigger job on their hands than they anticipated. This is when the stress will begin to kick in! So why wait? Begin the process of getting rid of your unused goods now, when there’s no pressure. When it comes to moving out, you’ll find that the biggest job of the low has already been taken care of.

Keep Things Organised

You’re going to have a lot of people visiting your home to take a look at what’s on offer. This is a good thing, but it can be stressful if you’re not prepared. It’s a good idea to keep your home in relatively perfect condition, so that you can make things presentable within ten minutes should you get a last minute request for a viewing. It’ll save the stress of running around like a maniac!