Saturday, January 12, 2019

4 Environmental Hurdles That Property Developers Face

Property development is a great way to invest money and see good returns, but there’s a lot of hurdles that you need to overcome before you start earning any money. Building or renovating a house is a massive task and there are a lot of things that you can overlook during the process. One of the things that people forget about is the environmental aspects. There are all sorts of different regulations that you need to follow during a construction project but people don’t realize that until the project is under way. If you’re about to get into property development, don’t forget about these environmental issues that you’ll have to deal with.

Toxic Materials

There are a lot of toxic chemicals involved with construction and it’s up to you to make sure that they’re handled and, more importantly, disposed of properly. The first thing to do is check the manufacturer's guidance as to how you should dispose of things because you can’t just throw them in a skip or a bin. If possible, you should try to find some more eco-friendly alternatives to some of the more harsh chemicals. That’s not always possible but there are plenty of options for eco-friendly paint out there, for example. It might cost you a little more but you’ll reduce your impact on the environment and it’s better for the people that eventually come to live in the house. People are very concerned with environmental issues these days so a house that is built in an eco-friendly way may be easier to sell.

Waste Water

Waste water might be an issue for you when you’re building because you need to ensure that any contaminated water doesn’t end up back in the normal water supply where it might damage local ecosystems. If you think that you’re going to produce a lot of waste water, you need to look into industrial wastewater treatment services. If you don’t dispose of it in a responsible way, you may end up getting fines. There may also be backlash from the local community which is going to damage your business.

Energy Efficiency

This is such an important thing to consider when you’re building or renovating a house. There are strict guidelines about the energy efficiency of new buildings and you need to make sure that you’re in line with them. That means you need a good amount of insulation and proper double glazed windows. Not only is this important because there are rules about it, but it’s also going to help you sell the place. Buyers will always ask about the average running costs of the house and if it isn’t energy efficient, they’re going to be paying massive energy bills. You’ll really struggle to find a buyer for a house that isn’t energy efficient.

Habitat Displacement

When you’re choosing a location for the build, you need to think about any habitats that you might be disrupting. If, for example, there is an endangered species nearby, you might not be able to build at all. Even if you are allowed to build, you need to make sure that you consider the surrounding habitats and reduce your impact on them.

If you don’t consider these environmental issues before you start the build, it’s going to slow things down when the project gets underway.


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