Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Crucial Parts Of Your Property Development That You Shouldn't Overlook

It doesn’t matter whether you are a real estate veteran or whether this is your first property development project, the chances are that you will always be on the lookout for new ways to secure a buyer quickly when you are ready to list. Property development has become a lucrative side hustle for those unwilling to leave their full time jobs, and an excellent second career option for those sick of the rat race. Working for yourself is exciting, yet daunting. Developing a property means knowing your numbers inside out, sticking to a budget and utilising your creative flair for interior design. At the centre of everything that you are doing is profit. Take a look at these areas of your development that you may have traditionally overlooked in the past that could make or break a sale.


While you might be beavering away inside the dwelling, it’s important to not overlook the exterior of a property. While you want to create the perfect finish by the skirting boards, you want to knock through between the dining room and the kitchen, and you’re eager to sort out the damp under the bedroom bay window, you still need to consider the jungle-like landscape in the rear garden. Having the perfect abode means focusing on the walk up the driveway as well as the inside of the home. If potential buyers are navigating hazards on the way to the front door, it doesn’t matter how incredible it looks inside, the buyers may have already zoned out.

Consider whipping up a water tank out the back like those available at https://www.nationalpolyindustries.com.au/ and seduce your potential buyers with an eco-friendly lifestyle. Showing the property off as a super place to grow your own veg, enjoy a spot of al fresco dining in the garden as well as having a chic interior, will make your property all the more sellable.


While you might be concentrating most of your efforts on the downstairs of your pad, don’t overlook the bathroom. Although it might be a tiny shoebox of a room, it requires your attention. Yes, kitchens sell houses but so do bathrooms. Retile as necessary, whip out the avocado suite and swap it for a more modern white alternative and get busy with the lino. Creating a crisp refreshed bathroom like the ones seen at https://www.moneycrashers.com/ needn’t cost much, but it can make your dwelling look so much more attractive resulting in a speedier sale.

Loft Space

If the property that you are developing doesn't have a garage then storage may become an issue. Any attic space that you have needs to be utilised. Don’t leave it unboarded as wasted space. This is lazy. For a three figure sum, you can achieve a fully boarded loft. You don’t need to go full-on conversion and create a master suite in the rafters, but any area that can store the Christmas decorations and boxes of junk is worthwhile creating.

Don’t overlook these parts of your development, and you could be making more profit and selling sooner than you think.


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