Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Tips for House Purchasers Who Work from Home

There are all kinds of factors to consider when looking for a new home, from the number of
bedrooms to the size of the garden and how noisy the neighbours are. If your home is also
your place of work, you have extra issues to think about – and in many cases, the need to
gain space to accommodate a growing business is a driver for a move.

Home office

1. You’ll most likely need space for a computer station and somewhere for files and
stationery, whether you have a sales or manufacturing business or one that operates
purely online. The amount of space you need depends on the nature of your
business, and if you only need minimal facilities for admin tasks, you can create a
home office in a compact space.

2. If you have the budget for it, a separate room for your office is preferable, as you can
work in peace even when there are other people at home. It’s also nice to able to
close the door on your home business workstation so that you can separate work
time from leisure time.

Home storage

1. If you sell goods, you’ll need storage space to keep your stock. If you sell small items
such as beads or plectrums, you’ll only need a modest amount of space to store a
large amount of stock. However, if you sell larger items, you’ll either need some kind
of garden building or a storeroom in your home, which could add significantly to your
house price. Alternatively, you could look at off-site storage, or use a drop-ship
business model so that you don’t have to keep stock at all.

2. Wherever you store your products, it needs to be secure from theft, and the space
needs to be dry and safe from pests and vermin. You also need to be able to arrange
everything so that it’s easy to find and do stock takes.

Home manufacturing

1. If you sell goods you make yourself, you’ll need a workroom and possibly room and
safe facilities for special equipment. For instance, if you make china bowls, you’ll
need a potter’s wheel and a kiln.

2. You’ll also need to think about expansion, and if you have plans to expand, you’ll
need to have an idea of how long you can continue in the initial space. You may be
better off exploring the option of moving your business out of your home and renting
separate premises that give you more scope for expansion.

Moving home is also a good time to review your business processes to ensure you’re
working in the most productive way possible. Your operations may have changed little from
how you worked when the business first started, so take the opportunity to see whether you
could streamline, outsource, or improve processes as part of your move. For example, if you
use a hosted ecommerce platform, consider the benefits of comparing, e.g. Big Commerce
vs Shopify Plus enterprise ecommerce services and see which offers the best package for
your business.

If you work from home, you’ll have some specific requirements that need to be fulfilled, so
when you’re planning what you need from your new home, make sure you take these into


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