Wednesday, February 13, 2019

If You're Bedroom Isn't Comfortable, Then What On Earth Is It?

There are few universal truths to this world, aside from maybe the laws of mathematic and physics. Everything seems like it has some form of perspective, some new opinion, or some new innovation ready to completely topple the status quo. Even the most solid science is named a ‘theory,’ because something could always happen to disprove it. It’s amazing how far humans have come since the dawn of their existence by relying on that which could seemingly change at any moment. At one time, the Earth was considered the centre of the universe.

But one universal truth is always going to remain. It likely remains from galaxy to galaxy, from here to whatever strange civilizations are out there. The final, most obvious truth… is that a bedroom needs to be comfortable. There are no ifs, and or buts here. A bedroom isn’t a bedroom unless it helps you relax at night, take a load off and sink into your security. Without that, it’s just a room you lay down in.

If your bedroom isn’t comfortable, then what on Earth is it? We don’t want to know. But we do want to know how to help a bedroom become the most comfortable for anyone, to help nourish them and help them feel like the world is alright after all. We’d also like to share that information with you. Without further ado:

The Pillows

The pillow is one of the most important features of a bed. You’ll rest your head here for one third of your day every day, so it’s essential that they’re well-made. You needn’t spend hundreds of dollars on a good pillow, but it can help to buy quality. Memory foam options can often help your head rest comfortably, while also supporting your neck as it should be supported. Many people make the mistake of placing too many pillows on their bed, and sleeping with their neck elevated to too high a degree. If you can get used to it, sleeping using one quality pillow aside from two medium-sized ones can help your spine align with your body much more, especially if you sleep on your back.

You’ll truly feel the difference with a great pillow, so check yours now, and don’t be afraid to make changes.

The Bedsheets

The bedsheets are one of the most important features of a bed. The bedsheets should ideally be washed weekly, and of quality material. Quality material bed sheets can help you feel comfortable and supported, but also clean and comfortable. Good material matters. You can go very cheap here, or you can purchase pure silk. The best is whatever feels ventilated and light. You can always add blankets, but make sure they’re quality. Sometimes blankets with a little weight to them can help you feel secure, and that’s been proven to give you a better nights sleep. Invest in your bedsheets appropriately, and you’ll truly thank yourself.

The Mattress

The mattress is one of the most important features of a bed. It’s essential to purchase one perfect for your sleeping needs. Memory foam mattresses are often the most universally comfortable, but some prefer hard to soft mattresses. Whatever supports you is the most appropriate, and this might change depending on if you’re injured, suffering with a long term physical or posture issue, or perhaps simply want to feel the most comfortable. Hard springs or dirty mattresses over time can be detrimental to your health, and it’s important to replace it to prevent bed bugs and a range of other issues.

The Conveniences

Your bedroom conveniences are one of the most important features of a bedroom. You’ve likely noticed that there are many important features of this room by now. They must all be taken into consideration. But bedside tables are perhaps the most convenient of conveniences you could implement. They will store your mugs of tea, your alarm clock or mobile phone, your home assistant, your books or e-readers and your bedside lamp. They should be as level with your bed as you can get them. They should be quality, because they’ll be carrying your nearest and dearest items, the items you want close to you as you sleep.

Conveniences also include the use of dimmer lights if you need them, or the storage utilized in your room to prevent things from feeling overcrowded and unnecessary. It all counts if you’re able, so be sure to look around the room and consider how you might make the best changes possible.

With these tips, your bedroom is sure to be the most comfortable place possible.


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