Friday, April 19, 2019

3 Things to Do with a Granny Flat

Image via Pixabay

A Granny Flat, just in case you didn't know, is a name given to a small extension, attachment, or mini-property attached to the main home, where your grandmother may hypothetically live.

In practice, a Granny Flat can take the form of a self-contained flat built over the garage of a home, in the loft, or in the basement. Then again, it could also be situated at the bottom of the garden, as a sort of large shed with electricity hook up and plumbing.

It turns out that, other than moving your granny in, there are actually plenty of pretty cool and interesting things that you can do with a Granny Flat.

Here are a few ideas.
1. Turn it into an entirely self-contained home office
If you are an entrepreneur who works from home, there's a chance that one of the primary challenges you encounter on a day-to-day basis is simply getting "in the zone" to an extent that allows you to really do productive work without distraction.

Cal Newport, author of the book Deep Work, argues that your environment plays a massive role in your ability to do this kind of focused work, and so should be set up meticulously to limit distractions from outside forces.

So, you could turn your Granny Flat into a self-contained home office – a place where family and friends know not to disturb you when you're working, and which you mentally associate solely with actually getting some work done.

That psychological component is massive, too. The more you associate your home office environment with actually doing work, as opposed to surfing the web, the better for your productivity.
2. Set it up as a guesthouse
If you're the kind of person who enjoys having friends over, and throwing house parties, it's only polite if you also have some guest space available for them to spend the night if needs be.

That being said, you might prefer not to share your home, itself, in that kind of an intimate way, or you may not have much space to offer other than a sofa bed in the living room.

Setting up a Granny Flat as a guesthouse is a great way of offering a higher level of comfort to any guests who might need to spend the night, while ensuring that you and they both enjoy a bit more privacy.
3. Turn it into a library, games room, or meditation chamber
So, you could use your Granny Flat as an effective home office, or as a pretty nice guesthouse, but you could also use it as a place where you get to relax and unwind in a deeply committed kind of a way.

The children's author, Roald Dahl, famously wrote in a shed at the bottom of his garden. Maybe that's more like work, but you could turn your Granny Flat into a library, and use it for quiet reading.

Or, you could deck it out with spiritual paraphernalia, and use it as a meditation chamber. Or, you could turn it into a gaming room.

The options here are plentiful. Whatever works for you.


Friday, April 5, 2019

La La Is That Your Home?!

Now this is what you want to be thinking to yourself every time you walk into your home, and it’s what you want everyone else to be thinking about when they walk into your home. But if we’re telling the truth, it’s the last thing that you’re ever going  to be thinking. You might have one moment, perhaps when you just finish doing something new to your home, and you’ll be so happy with the change that you’ve made, that you really will want to say ooh la la! But for the rest of the year, you’ll probably spend your time wishing you lived anywhere but where you do now, and it’ll be so hard to get your home exactly the way that you want it, simply because there’s so many new trends coming in all of the time, and you’ll be seeing your friends make different changes that make you envious. But there comes a time where you have to draw the line, and you have to finalise your home for a nice length of time, so you’re not constantly worrying what people think, or what you should be changing next, so that you and everyone else can truly walk in and say ooh la la! Here’s how we think you can do just that.

Add Something Unique

If you want a home that catches everyone’s attention, you’re going to have to add something in that’s nice and unique. Everyone is always too quick to follow the crowd, and we do understand why that would be happening. There are so many weird and wonderful decor trends that everyone is trying at the minute, and so many of them we want to try. But if you go for something a little more unique, you’re always going to stand out from the crowd. One way you could do this, is to shop where people might not be shopping. There are the interior decor shops and companies that everyone follow, such as the White Company, but the products are so overpriced, and you can find them in so many peoples homes. What you need to be looking at, is companies such as French Knot. There you will find such great home accessories, that can really help to add the character you might be missing. They will no doubt get people asking where you go them from, and you most definitely will hear a few ooo’s around the home! But anything that you can find that you think is antique and unique will do, so get hunting and stand out from the crowd!

Make it Snazzy

A home deserves to be snazzy. It deserves to have that certain vibe about it that is just a little bit extra, and there are so many additions you can make to your home that will achieve this, as well as getting people thinking about what they could change about their own home. So think about going a bit grand and bold, with one of the best ways of doing this being art. Art is just so beautiful, and even if you don’t have the first clue about it, you’ll still be able to appreciate a fine piece of work when you see it. If you get something nice and bright, are really unique, it will definitely be the snazzy statement that you’ve been missing out on. If you want to go super snazzy and be the envy of all of your friends, you could think about getting an outdoor little number that will just complete your home. We’re of course talking about a hot tub, but not the blow up ones you can get. If you’re going to do it, you should go all out and get one of the wooden ones! They’re so snazzy and high class, and you don’t actually find that many people have them!

Your Pride Rooms

Your pride rooms are the rooms that you think about the most, the ones that you want everyone to see, and that you want everyone to be amazed by. But you aren’t just going to start off with a pride room, it’ll take some work to get it to the point where you’re totally happy with it. But one room we know that everyone wants to show off, is the kitchen. It’s so refreshing to go into a kitchen that’s ultra modern, or perhaps modern but with an old school vibe in it. There are so many different ways you can style a kitchen, and the fastest way to do it is through a renovation. But perhaps you can skip that, and just change a few items in the room to make it tons better. Check out Pinterest, and have a look at kitchen design ideas, and steal all of the little accessories and layout ideas that they have.