Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Real Reason You Want a Home Security Camera

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Having a home security system is all about keeping your house safe and knowing who is coming and going. As technology advances, it is now getting easier to protect yourself and your home and you can even decide who can come in and who gets locked out using an app on your phone.

But as serious as getting your home security fixed and armed is, we all know that the real reason you are installing a camera isn’t that you want to keep your house safe.

It’s because…
You Want to Feel Like a Secret Agent
We all have dreams of being the next James Bond and saving the world and security camera systems totally play into that sense of power. Who doesn’t like the idea of greeting guests by name through an intercom system before opening the door?

Having the best home security camera system is about so much more than home safety; it’s also about looking very cool in front of your friends when you simply tap a button on an app and the door unlocks for them. Secret agents never have to get up to answer the door (although they do sometimes have to use that same button to let their teen in when they’ve forgotten their key!)
You Want to Talk to the Postman While You Aren’t Really There
Everything is deliverable these days but somehow, inexplicably, packages always seem to arrive when you’re out. Which is, unsurprisingly, the thing that most annoys customers who order online.

While you could leave a standard set of instructions for leaving them behind a bin or in a conveniently oversized plant pot, wouldn’t it be better if you could chat to the postie in real time and make sure he gets it right?

When you have a cool security camera system, you can see who is at your door at any time of the day. Whether you want to direct the postman to the right cubby hole for your mail or you want to shut the curtains and pretend you’re out to avoid yet another cold caller, this is going to change your life.
You Want to Know Who is Responsible for the Hole in Your Lawn That Appeared Suddenly Overnight
While you are tucked up in bed, something definitely happened in the garden. Something, or someone, has dug up your gorgeous lawn with no consideration for the effort your have gone to making your outdoors fabulous again. There is soil everywhere, the grass is strewn haphazardly over the path and there are multiple small holes in the lawn.

The most likely candidate for such anti-social behaviour is a possum looking for grubs and worms but when you have a home security system you will know for sure. Spool back through the footage to find their entrance point, make some adjustments and see what happens the following night. This is your best chance for lawn success.

Having a home security system is a great way to keep your property safe but with so many advantages, you’ll soon forget about the main selling point of the product.


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